Aquarium Installation and Maintenance

somethingFISHY provides ongoing professional aquarium maintenance services, assuring your fish and aquatic creatures thrive in their environment. In order for your aquarium to function at its fullest potential, care and attention to the aquarium system and animals must take place on a regular basis.

We are fully committed to providing a maintenance schedule that is considerate of your lifestyle at home or to your business hours and activities. During the service the aquarium will be cleaned and inspected for functionality and health to provide for an ongoing beautiful aquatic environment. Whether your aquarium is saltwater or freshwater, we are committed to delivering successful aquarium service.

Orlando Aquarium Maintenance and Installation

Aquarium Aquascaping

Aquarium Installation and Maintenance in Orlando

Aquarium design can be challenging, but here at somethingFISHY we strive to build awe-inspiring custom aquascapes. We believe that aquariums in Orlando and all of Central Florida should be pieces of living art, in both function and aesthetics.

Having your own slice of the Amazon, Great Barrier Reef, or African rift lake has never been easier. If you like the look of an aquatic Garden of Eden filled to the rim with plants and tropical fish, look no further than the nature aquarium.

In reef tanks we combine beauty and viability to create stunning visuals, as corals encrust the rockwork, and fish peacefully glide by. Nothing compares to watching a flurry of color dance around your own Malawi reef.

We specialize in biotope and nature aquarium styles, as well as offer more contemporary styles such as Dutch, Diorama, and Iwagumi. Tailoring these design types to your individual desires and aesthetics, you can be assured that each aquascape will be your own personal work of art.

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You can expect to find the following and much more:

  • Cichlids: African, Central American, and South American
  • Dwarf Cichlids:  Apistogramma, Rams, etc.
  • Fancy Imported Goldfish
  • Farm Raised Quality Koi
  • Tetras: Cardinal, Neon, Rummy Nose, Emperor, Phantom, etc.
  • Betta fish and Gouramis
  • Catfish: Cory Cats, Synodontis, Shovel Nose, Red Tail, etc.
  • Bottom Feeders:  Rainbow Sharks, Botias, Loaches, etc.
  • Angelfish: Fancy, Longfin, Koi, Platinum, Altum, etc.
  • Discus: Wild and Domestic (Superb strains)
  • Barbs:  Rosy, Cherry, Odessa, Gold, Dennison, etc.
  • Mollies:  Sailfin, Lyre tail, Gold, Dalmatian, etc.
  • Guppies:  Fancy imported strains of all colors, Endlers, etc.
  • L Number Rare Plecostomus
  • Rare and unusual species
  • Invertebrates:  Cherry Shrimp, Amano, Chocolate, Rili, Lobsters, etc.
  • Plants:  Anubias, Swords, Ferns, Moss, Asst. Potted Plants, etc.

Don’t forget we also carry top of the line fish tanks and accessories for your freshwater aquarium.

While we specialize in New and Old World Cichlids, our tropical fish stock is always changing, and there is always something new and exciting for your freshwater aquarium.

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