Freshwater Fish For Sale Orlando

somethingFISHY has an extensive selection of colorful freshwater fish for sale. We specialize in Cichlids from around the globe. We also carry other rare and common freshwater fish, large and small.


Cichlids For Sale

If you enjoy the myriad colors and behaviors exhibited by Cichlids, we are the go to aquarium store in the Orlando area.  We have an extensive selection of chichlids for sale. At any given time, we will have African, Central American, Madagascar, South American and Victorian Cichlids in stock.  We also regularly bring in river cichlids and other rare fish from around the world.  Typically, we have hundreds of Cichlids in stock at any given time.  Visitors travel from all over Central Florida to view our Cichlids.

Perhaps, you enjoy the colors that Cichlids possess but you do not care for the aggression, or you are unable to have a large aquarium?  No problem.  We have hundreds of species of Tropical fish from all over the world, in a veritable rainbow of colors.  They come in all sizes and we can show you fish that would do well in small or large aquariums.  Your imagination is the only limiting factor.  We are sure to have fish that you have never seen before, of the highest quality, and in superb health.

We receive our fish, invertebrates and plants, from our exclusive suppliers, on a weekly basis.

While we specialize in New and Old World Cichlids, our tropical fish stock is always changing, and there is always something new and exciting for your freshwater aquarium.

Freshwater Aquarium Fish for Sale

You can expect to find the following and much more:

  • Cichlids: African, Central American, and South American
  • Dwarf Cichlids:  Apistogramma, Rams, etc.
  • Fancy Imported Goldfish
  • Farm Raised Quality Koi
  • Tetras: Cardinal, Neon, Rummy Nose, Emperor, Phantom, etc.
  • Betta fish and Gouramis
  • Catfish: Cory Cats, Synodontis, Shovel Nose, Red Tail, etc.
  • Bottom Feeders:  Rainbow Sharks, Botias, Loaches, etc.
  • Angelfish: Fancy, Longfin, Koi, Platinum, Altum, etc.
  • Discus: Wild and Domestic (Superb strains)
  • Barbs:  Rosy, Cherry, Odessa, Gold, Dennison, etc.
  • Mollies:  Sailfin, Lyre tail, Gold, Dalmatian, etc.
  • Guppies:  Fancy imported strains of all colors, Endlers, etc.
  • L Number Rare Plecostomus
  • Rare and unusual species
  • Invertebrates:  Cherry Shrimp, Amano, Chocolate, Rili, Lobsters, etc.
  • Plants:  Anubias, Swords, Ferns, Moss, Asst. Potted Plants, etc.

Don’t forget we also carry top of the line fish tanks and accessories for your freshwater aquarium.

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