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Fertilizer dosing does not have to be a complex problem any longer.  Our aquatic plant fertilizers were created to make it simple.  We use these fertilizers daily, in the store, as well as in our clients’ aquariums.  They contain all the essential nutrients your plants need to grow and show optimal coloration.  Better yet, they are also 100% fish and invertebrate safe.


Iron and trace elements are an overlooked but essential part of plant nutrition, and this product delivers a highly concentrated dose of all the trace elements needed for aquatic plants to thrive. Micro+ ensures plant nourishment and vibrant colors. Micro+ is made to be used in conjunction with Macro+ for a comprehensive dosing regimen.


One pump for every ten gallons twice per week. For low light and/or low plant loads, start with half the recommended dose. For high light and CO2 injected tanks, use three to four times per week. Weekly fifty percent water changes are recommended to help reset the nutrient value and keep your aquarium at its peak.


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