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Our aquarium store reviews speak volumes! We hope to see you soon at our store.


  • review rating 5  Great selection of cichlids,and other fresh water fish, great selection of salt water, and they are going to start carrying brackish soon. Beautiful store, and the guy who runs it is really cool.

    thumb Bill Selby

    review rating 5  We just finished cycling our tank, and we were ready for coral and fish. They guided us in the right direction, answered all our questions, and we are now on our way to having a beautiful reef tank thanks to their help. Great people, and a great store.

    thumb Gary Watters

    review rating 5  A few different varieties of Tropheus, lots of Peacocks and Tanganyikan's. And now he's got Discus to!!

    thumb Kevin Kaley

    review rating 5  Had an opportunity to visit this store before they opened and they welcomed me in to check it out. This store is top notch. Large selection of fish I've never seen before as well as the one Reefers are use to. Great prices and the staff is super cool. Picked up a nice green bubble tip Anemone that looked like a decent size and turned out be huge for a great price �� Good luck to you guys and thanks for giving me yet another store to buy quality corals and fish from ��

    thumb Ruben Bermudez
  • review rating 5  Such an amazing place. They are very knowledgeable, professional, and kind. They have an amazing selection of fish, ranging from common species to more exotic. We just set up a tank for our little boy and couldn't be more pleased with all the help they provided. I really recommend this place.

    thumb Dixie Ruttenbur

    review rating 5  Best fish store in all of Central Florida!! Extremely knowledgeable!!

    thumb Barrett M Spray

    review rating 5  Very nice new store in Oviedo! Owners are very knowledgable and had a lot of items other local stores didn't. My kids love going there for the exotic fish and coral reef. I would highly recommend.

    thumb Eric Barber

    review rating 5  Awesome tropical fish store. Great customer service, extremely well kept tanks, healthy fishes, and reasonable prices. Keep this up and you'll have plenty of repeat customers.

    thumb Tooj Muas
  • review rating 5  He brought my Frontosa and gave them a better home then I ever could he also has the best Cichlid selection in the central Florida area I will be back soon

    thumb Jamie Reed

    review rating 5  Great store, Lee and Austin are very knowledgeable about everything regarding salt or freshwater aquariums. They have a huge collection of fish and wide assortment of gorgeous corals. I wouldn't go anywhere else!

    thumb Tyler Pierce

    review rating 5  The best place to get chichlids in Orlando. The owner is very knowledgeable and a nice guy.

    thumb Keith Theodorson

    review rating 5  I think they should charge admission, this place has so many interesting , beautiful fish and plant life...And the tanks are all kept so clean...You need to stop and check them out...

    thumb Debra Brienza Atkinson
  • review rating 5  Stopped by to chekc them out and I was impressed! Super clean tanks and super friendly service too. Only picked up a few things today but I WILL be back, for both saltwater and freshwater critters. Prices are competitive and they have a pretty good selection. Looking forward to my next visit.

    thumb Carey Hinchliffe

    review rating 5  This place is awesome! Great people with great customer service. They even order certain african cichlid species that were not available at one point. I verbalized my request and was told to return to the store about a week or so later. I returned the day I was told to and there they were. I purchase them and others that caught my eyes. I highly recommend this place. I will definitely be back soon.

    thumb Vincent Montante

    review rating 5  This place is the best great variety knowledgeable staff they've given me great advice on what to do for my tank and what fish would work best together. I've gotten all my fish here really recommend you stop by and check it out

    thumb Ignacio Rocha

    review rating 5  This is my favorite place to buy fish! The owner is so generous with his information and I feel confident that I'm buying great quality fish. The tanks are pristine and there is always a variety of fish to choose from. If you haven't been you must!

    thumb Monique Emard
  • review rating 5  I stopped in today and was very happy to see a beautiful new store so close to home. I left with 5 nice cory cats and I'll definitely be back!

    thumb Brian Leavitt

    review rating 5  If I could leave more than five stars I would. They're so knowledgeable and friendly especially to fish killers. � Can't thank them enough for helping me through the struggles I've had with my first tank even when I wanted to quit it they gave me advice on what things I could do differently and even what fish to put in my tank. Love them. �

    thumb Emma Maxwell

    review rating 5  I wish I found this place sooner! After going to virtually almost every African cichlids store in Florida it seems like, despite its smaller size, this fish store is amazing! Not even open a year and in my opinion better then them all! The prices are beyond fair, the quality of fish is better than I've ever seen and the owner is honest and would never knowingly sell you a sick fish. His peacock, hap, and lake tanganikan collection is unlike anything I've seen at a store in person...even rare tropheus, Calvus, South Americans, and even a huge saltwater inventory! Check this place out! If they don't have it just ask and i can almost guarantee Lee can get it!

    thumb Stefan 'Charlie' Levine

    review rating 5  Best new LFS in town. Great selection of freshwater and saltwater fish. I really like the diversity of species, and different varieties of chiclids. Can't wait to see the new shipment of plants!!

    thumb Mike Edwards
  • review rating 5  Very beautiful healthy African Cichlids! Best fish store I’ve seen just yet in Central Florida!!

    thumb Bianca Ubiadas

    review rating 5  Hands down the Best place in town! Best quality of stock i have ever seen. Top of the line chemicals. Leigh is Very knowledgeable!! I definitely feel wanted everytime i walk in!

    thumb Marcus Islam

    review rating 5  Can't wait to go back! Oviedo is so lucky to have this gem 🐠🐟

    thumb Sarah Taylor

    review rating 5  The staff is very helpful, and always takes the time to explain any question you may have. Lots of great corals at the best prices I have seen locally. The store and tanks look amazing, and always clean. I will definitely be a customer for years to come.

    thumb Kevin Nowak
  • review rating 5  Great new store! They get some interesting and unusual fish, everything is healthy and in good condition, and the staff is knowledgeable and honest.

    thumb Jason Dembkoski

    review rating 5  This place is great! Friendly staff, great selection, and very affordable prices. Much more reasonable than the other shops around the area.

    thumb Tim Hawthorne

    review rating 5  This place is awesome! My kids really enjoyed walking around and looking at all the unique fish. Nick is quite impressive.

    thumb Andrew Hong

    review rating 5  Great looking, clean store, with an amazing fish selection and good prices. The staff is very friendly and knowledgable. I definitely recommend it.

    thumb Antonio Setragni
  • review rating 5  Great place, awesome owner very friendly and had some very nice rare fish.

    thumb Javier Reinat

    review rating 5  This place is awesome! My kids really enjoyed walking around and looking at all the unique fish. Nick is quite impressive.

    thumb Andrew Hong

    review rating 5  Great looking, clean store, with an amazing fish selection and good prices. The staff is very friendly and knowledgable. I definitely recommend it.

    thumb Antonio Setragni



  •   So I was here last weekend and I was completely blown away.  I've been in the hobby - well all my life really but more recently back into salt water for over 3 years now.  Everyone knows about the big name players in Orlando but I've never seen such a nice LFS.  They have an amazing freshwater selection that will pull you away from checking out the saltwater goodies, and that doesn't happen every day.  So yes, they have freshwater and saltwater fish, and coral frags - at decent prices too.  I'll be back for sure.

    thumb Steven H.

      We travel 45+ miles...just to go to this store! Amazing selection of Cichlids (the best we have found). They have beautiful salt water & other fresh water fish too (but we do Cichlids)! Great tank accessories, food, & miscellaneous aquarium items! The owner Lee is awesome...sooo knowledgeable, helpful & a pleasure to deal with! 🙂

    thumb Shar L.
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